This visa program by asset route in Malta is also known as Maltese Citizenship by Naturalization for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment (MEIN). This program aims at the high net worth investors. The investor must contribute a minimum of €600,000 to the Maltese government’s national development fund. On top of that, the visa holder must prove three years of residency.
The other way to gain the visa is to donate €750,000 and evidence of a one-year residency. Where applicable, the investor must contribute an additional €50,000 per dependent included in the visa application. Apart from the contributions, the applicant must spend a different sum of €700,00 on real estate for residential purposes.
Alternatively, the applicant can enter into a rental contract at the least value of €16,000 per year. The investor must uphold the sum for five years. Besides, the visa holder must donate €10,000 to registered cultural, sport, animal welfare, philanthropic, artistic, or non-governmental organizations.